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APS Landscaping Inc is proud to stand behind our work and does everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction during and after installation. Please read and understand our guarantee, terms and conditions so there are no questions about the responsibilities of APS Landscaping Inc. and the customer.

All guarantees below are valid only upon full payment of agreed contract. Once the job is completed to contract/plan specifications, withholding payment for warranty items is not acceptable. Warranty items will not be addressed until payment in full is received.



The contractor shall carry out and complete the work described in the quote document in a good and workman like manner, in an efficient timeline with safety, quality and customer satisfaction in mind.

Sites must be reasonably clear of weeds, an additional charge per basis will be added if excessive weed clean up is required. Final grade markers must be accurately installed on site for any grading work. If a grade stake out is required, there will be a charge of $150 per lot. Quotes assume machine access into front and backyards, limited or no machine access will void the quote.

The client must be reasonably available for communication during construction hours (8am to 6pm)  and not cause delay to the project, delays may incur additional costs and may breach contract. Changes to the design and/or quote must be approved by the client and contractor by email or in writing. Any re-work on an already spec’d completed task will attract additional charges. Any issue the client may have is to be brought to the attention of the contractor immediately and discussed during construction hours.


By accepting a quote, you agree to and accept the terms and conditions of APS Landscaping Inc. Acceptance can be by email, payment of initial deposit and/or by signing the quote.  Client to ensure that we have included all requirements in the quote and that we fully understand their requirements. If details in the quote are missing, please contact us to add it in. At a later stage, if a discrepancy arises, it may lead to additional costs to accommodate the changes. Kindly, it’s essential that you clarify every aspect of your service needs and ensure that you have been quoted on the right requirements. IE: developer mandated plant specifications.


Guaranteed to be living and healthy at the time of installation. Plant material that dies within one (1) year from installation date will be replaced at no cost. Replacements will be installed on a one time basis, based upon availability, seasonal conditions, and APS Landscaping Inc.’s scheduling. Substitutions will be agreed upon by both customer and APS Landscaping Inc. Plant material that dies due to improper care, IE: poor watering or over watering, over fertilizing, improper pruning or maltreatment, pest, disease or act of nature, will be void from guarantee.


As of June 27, 2016, The City of Edmonton changed the Zoning Bylaws in regards to trees and shrub planting requirements for all low-density residential developments. In some cases, the City bylaw may require addition trees and/or shrubs in addition to developer mandated minimums. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the requirements of this bylaw are met. Quantities and specifications are located on the properties plot plan.


Construction guaranteed for a period of two (2) years from installation to be free from defects and construction failure. All installation will be done according to manufacturer material specifications and standards. Exception for new build construction: any soil settling or unstable subsoil condition which results in construction failure is not the responsibility of APS Landscaping Inc. IE: new home backfill zones. Down spouts must be directed away from hardscape features.


Guaranteed to be healthy and lush at the time of installation. Proper watering instructions must be followed, which can be found on our FAQ section. Very shady areas, high foot traffic, areas directly adjacent to foundation walls, pests, pets, improper care and acts of nature are not covered under our warranty.


Projects over $10,000 require a 50% down payment on start date. Final payment for all projects must be received within seven (7) days of final invoice and completion of work unless otherwise stated. If you have any questions regarding payment or the invoice, please contact us immediately.


Our track machines mitigate ground disturbance, but will still cause some access damage over soft landscaped areas. These areas are repaired by over seeding and soil if necessary. Grass repairs by installing new sod will be an additional cost borne by the customer. Our crews will take care and caution when accessing over soft or hard areas with equipment. If available, wood will be laid over sod for protection. By accepting our quote, the client assumes responsibility for access over their own concrete walks or driveways, although extremely rare, damage and/or cracking of concrete can not be held accountable to APS Landscaping Inc.