APS Landscaping Inc specializes in the below landscaping services. Attention to detail and quality are our main focus while working on any of our clients projects.

By adhering to Canadian landscape standards as set out by CNLA, our clients can rest assured that their project is completed with their best interests in mind, with the most update to date and current standards in the industry.

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Paving Stone

All of our paving stone patios and walkways are installed to ICPI spec’s by an ICPI certified installer. APS uses a geotextile fabric to separate the clay subbase and roadcrush base material to mitigate base settlement into the clay beneath it. Biaxial geogrid is installed between the road crush base layer to promote extra base stability. APS is a Techo-Bloc and Belgard Authorized Contractor and we offer a 3 year warranty on all of our paving stone work, outside of backfill zones. 

Retaining Walls

Being Allan Block Certified means your retaining wall is installed to the proper specifications. A retaining wall is a critical landscape feature that can be extremely costly to repair if they’re installed incorrectly. Adhering to the manufacturer and Allan Block spec’s ensures your retaining wall is properly constructed. Proper base construction with geotextile and geogrid gives extra security. A healthy washed rock backfill and weeping tile allows water to drain from the behind the wall and reduce hydrostatic pressure. Any wall 3ft or higher includes geogrid installed between the brick layers as per the manufacturer’s detail.

Address and Feature Boulders

Hand picked feature and address boulders give your landscape that extra detail. Addresses are custom ordered to size, style and color. Installed with 1 inch standoffs. 

Paving Stone Edger

Paving stone edger brings your landscape to another level of beauty and function. Defining plant beds with this edging creates an easy way to mow the lawn, with no edge trimming required, simply run the lawn mower wheel over the brick for a consistent cut. Each brick is individually installed over a bed of concrete with grouted joints for a long lasting finish.

Tree, Shrub and Perennials

All of our plant material is supplied by two main local nursery suppliers, guaranteed to be lush and thriving. APS uses a natural bone meal fertilizer with every plant install to encourage healthy root and plant development.

Mulch & Rock

All of our decorative rock and wood mulches are installed over a 5oz commercial grade weed barrier in order to give long lasting protection of weed growth. Rock and mulch is supplied from local sources and carefully installed without contamination. 


Nursery cultivated premium No. 1 turfgrass, grown from certified seed of Canadian origin. Free of weeds, invasive species and/or foreign grasses. No.1 turfgrass is a 80% Kentucky Bluegrass with 20% Fescue mix.

Artificial turf

High quality artificial turf is installed to manufacture specifications, with 4+ inches of compacted road crush base, limestone fines, silica infill sand and proper seaming. We use only 80+ ounce turf in our installs. 

Wood Fencing

Developers in new construction zones typically define a fence detail, which we can build alongside your landscape for a clean and functional install. Infill builds have the freedom to choose their fence detail, which can include a variety of modern and traditional designs. Wood fences are built with galvanized ring shank nails in order to provide long term quality. 

Final Grade

Final grade is the process of spreading and distributing topsoil on top of the clay rough grade in order to promote drainage away from building foundations and out to the city right-of-way via internal and common property line swales. The minimum of 10% slope away from foundation walls and 1.5% for swales is required. Drainage swales must match the design plan, be unobstructed and free flowing. 

How We Work

Finding out needs

Our specialists will determine the best route of action, in terms of design and function.

Developing a Project

We successfully select solutions for our clients that best suit their needs and budget.

Building a Dream

We value our reputation, so we treat each project responsibly and achieve detailed and stunning results.

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