Landscape designs, produced by our accredited landscape architect.

Landscape design is the corner stone to any upscale landscaping project. Investing in a professionally designed plan will bring function and beauty together to create the perfect outdoor space for your particular needs.

What is a Landscape Architect?

Landscape architects hold at least a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture (BLA) from an accredited landscape architecture program.  Professional programs require courses in technical subjects such as design, site engineering, plant material and construction methods, as well as courses in the arts, sciences, and humanities.  Landscape architects obtain a professional license through work experience and completion of a licensing exam.

Once employed in professional practice, landscape architects plan, design and manage the built and natural environments.  With a unique skill set, landscape architects work to achieve environmental, social, and aesthetically pleasing spaces through investigation and understanding of the project site.  They plan and design parks, streetscapes, neighbourhoods, residences, natural spaces, commercial sites, and all other outdoor places.

Our landscape architect is a member in good standing of the Alberta Association of landscape Architects (AALA) and Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA).  He would be happy to discuss with you the professional requirements of your next project.

Design Process

On site consultation with an accredited landscape architect. Planning, budget and ideas will all be gathered and discussed.

Initial design produced and submitted to client for review.

Revision of design, if needed. (One major revision is included in pricing)

Design submitted to client and contractor for quotation on construction costing.

Quote approval with scheduling of work.

Do you already have your own landscape design? No problem. We’ve worked with numerous landscape designers in the past, our team can bring your plan to life.

Please contact us with a scaled copy of the plan for a formal estimate.

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