Take your home to the next level, with an automated, smart irrigation and low voltage LED lighting system.

At APS we install all of our irrigation and lighting systems in house, with no sub trades. This process speeds up efficiency and provides a better value to our clients. Landscape, irrigation and lighting are all installed concurrently to provide the very best in results.


A healthy and beautiful landscape needs just the right amount of water. Too much or too little will cause your plants to suffer. Water is a valuable resource, we take that into consideration when we spec premium Hunter Rotator spray heads and drip irrigation components.

Hunter pressure regulated spray bodies provide consistent water pressure to all heads. Coupled with Hunter MP Rotator nozzles, offering up to 30% water savings over traditional spray nozzles. MP Rotators are highly uniform and offer many options in terms of arc and radius.

Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the root zone of each plant ensuring every drop is used efficiently. Drip emitters come in various GPH flow rates, which allows customization to each plants water needs.

Smart irrigation starts with a Hydrawise controller. Remote access allows you to manage and monitor your irrigation controller from your phone, tablet or computer, any where and anytime. Hydrawise automatically controls watering based on highly accurate, internet based local weather data. The system looks at the forecast and past history to use just the right amount of irrigation.


Create a visually stimulating look to your outdoor living space with a low voltage LED lighting system, fully automated and trouble free. The photocell transformer will activate the system daily as night approaches.

Enhance the value of your property, by bringing it to life at night! Visually pushing the boundaries of the landscape to create a more welcoming entrance and highlight key features.

Increase safety and security by deterring intruders and bringing attention to uneven surfaces or elevation changes.

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