We offer complete lot grading to residential and commercial builders in the Edmonton region.

From pregrade, rough grade to final grade and complete landscaping – we can look after it all in house with our dedicated grading crews.
Whether you build multiple homes in new development areas or a few infills a year, we have the equipment, skill and knowledge to look after your needs.

Edmonton Lot Grading

Our company has an excellent working relationship with city lot grading inspectors, having worked closely with them for several years, we’ve gained a valuable insight to what is required to pass inspections without costly failures and delays.

Infill builds can be tricky. If you’re building them, you know this. Having worked in the infill scene for many years, since it was unregulated to highly regulated, we’ve learned quickly what it takes to get the work done. Grading plans are now part of the building permit process, these plans have to be followed strictly.

Applying new development rules to infill lots sometimes creates tough situations. APS has the ability to solve these problems, with the capability to create custom modifications to the grading plan on the fly, on site, without delay. By strictly following city guidelines, with a laser and a bit of math, swales can be modified and or improved to function better.

Having the right equipment is one of the keys to our success. Our in house tandem truck, mini skid steers, mini excavators with hydraulic tilt buckets and hilti hammers to ram rebar through infill retaining walls are just a handful of the items we invest in to bring our clients a fast and efficient product.

Consulting New Development and Infill Zones Final Grade Pregrade Grade Stake Out and Surveying Rough Grade Infill Utility Trenching

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