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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Plot Plan?

A Plot Plan is a survey document outlining the precise dimensions and elevations of your residential property. APS uses this document to produce an accurate cost estimate for your project. Your Plot Plan is available through your home builder, or, an example document can be requested by emailing us HERE

How should I care for my new lawn?

Water immediately after install to keep sod and underlying soil moist.

Water daily for the 1st week following installation, and every second day for the 2nd week. After 2 weeks, water as needed, generally once a week. It is critical to follow these watering instructions for a healthy lawn. Extreme heat or drought may require additional watering and attention. Failure to follow these instructions will void your warranty.

Limit walking across freshly installed sod. Walking can over compact soil, limiting root establishment and/or produce footprints due to wet soil beneath the grassy layer. After the 2 week watering period is complete and the ground has solidified, foot traffic can be allowed.

How much water does my new lawn require?

We suggest placing a sturdy cup on the area to be watered, and watering until 1 inch has accumulated in the cup each time you water. If rain occurs, use your cup to measure rainfall amounts, a light rain is usually not sufficient. Please ensure your sprinkler is not over watering any newly installed trees, shrubs or perennials, this will cause drowning and likely the death of the plant which is not covered under our warranty.

How should I care for my newly installed potted trees, shrubs and perennials?

Like sod, your trees, shrubs and perennials will require an opportunity to establish their root systems. Follow these instructions to give your plants what they need to thrive in their new environment:

Water plants thoroughly at time of planting. Check the plants soil conditions 3-4 times a week for moisture. Frequency and amount of water depends on your site conditions (soil and drainage) and the weather. Water only when the soil feels dry to the touch 5cm (2") into the root zone. Remember not to over water, which will drown the plant and is not covered by our warranty.

How do I care for my caliper trees?

Caliper Trees in wire baskets, water well at time of planting, to thoroughly soak the root ball and settle the back-filled soil. If the soil is dry to the touch in the top 2" to 4" of the root zone, give the tree a thorough soaking. This means applying at least 20 gallons slowly, allowing the water to penetrate into the root ball. (We HIGHLY suggest buying a moisture monitor to check caliper trees.)

Check the soil around the base of the tree 2x weekly. Keep the soil free from weeds, leaves and cultivate lightly once or twice per month. Do NOT apply mulch around the base of the tree for the first year.

If the weather is warm (IE, June, July, August.) the caliper tree can generally use a once/week watering, but please always check soil conditions. If the weather is continuously wet and cool for a week or more, this watering might need to be skipped. Checking of soil conditions around the base of the tree is key.

How do I care for my paving stone walkway or patio?

Your new paving stone patio or walkway will require occasional maintenance to keep it looking its best. This is particularly relevant to cobblestone, where erosion can occur due to its larger than average joint spacing. If your cobblestone is showing joint erosion:

Add sand or charcoal-coloured polymeric sand to the joints (check existing colour). Follow the instructions included on the polymeric bag for install.

What materials do you use?

All products are sourced from local retailers with proven product quality and consistent offerings. Brands such as Belgard, Expocrete, Barkman, Sturgeon Valley Sod, Big Lake Sod, Sunstar Nurseries, Cheyenne Tree Farm, Techniseal, Etc.

What does my warranty cover?

Although these occurrences are rare, any concerns with an APS product resulting from defects in workmanship are promptly repaired as part of our 100% product guarantee. Examples of defects in workmanship include shifting in retaining walls or paving stone from their original design. Although we do our best to compact and ensure a proper installation, warranty does not include any backfill zones around foundations - Settlement in these areas are beyond our control. All hardscape includes a 2 year warranty from date of install.

Sod and plant material is warrantied for 1 year from installation. Sod typically doesn't grow well adjacent to foundation walls or very shady areas, high foot traffic can also cause issues.

Please note that our guarantee does not apply to issues arising out of lack of maintenance, pests or disease. Please ensure you are following our watering instructions for organic material and contact us with any questions or concerns. More information available on our Terms and Conditions page.