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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my Real Property Report or Plot Plan?

A RPR or Plot Plan is a document showing the dimensions of the house and lot. Typically it will list the "House Area" and "Lot Area". We use these documents to provide our clients with estimates as these are precise measurements of the property. If you are not familiar with this document, please request an example via email or obtain a copy from your builder.

How do I care for my newly installed sod & plant material?

Newly installed softscape, such as; sod, shrubs/perennials and trees require special care after install. Sod must be water immediately after install to keep the sod and under laying soil moist. Sod should be watered every day after install for the 1st week and every second day for the 2nd week. After 2 weeks, water as needed. We suggest to use a cup on the sod, watering till 1 inch has accumulated into the cup.

Try to limit travel across freshly installed sod. Excessive walking can cause compaction of the soil which makes it difficult for the sod to take root. The watering schedule will likely cause the ground to be soft with moisture, foot traffic has the potential to leave foot prints in the sod.

Shrubs and perennials should be watered to keep the soil around them moist. Trees should be watered deeply after install and every few day as needed to keep the soil moist. If the soil is sticky the tree is likely being over watered, stop watering until the soil has time to dry out.

Do not allow your new plant material to dry out completely, especially in hot summer days.

How do I care for my paving stone?

Your new paving stone patio or walkway do require some care as time goes on, particularly cobble stone. Cobble stone has larger than normal joints between the bricks from their design. This allows for quicker erosion of the polymeric sand between the joints. You may want to add more polymeric sand to the joints if they're showing wear. We use either sand or charcoal colored polymeric sand depending on application. Please follow the instructions on the polymeric bag for install.

What materials do you use?

At APS we never sacrifice quality in our work with sub par material therefore all our products are the finest quality and locally sourced.

What does my warranty cover?

Warranty covers defects in workmanship. Such as a paving stone patio or a retaining wall that has moved from its original design, although these scenarios are very rare, we work with our clients to repair any defects. Sod and plant material when properly maintained, should have very little to no issues. Sod generally doesn't grow well directly adjacent to foundation walls or very shady areas. Our warranty does not cover lack of care, pests or disease.